for Contemporary Not Ageing Architecture

This page is a new addition (May 2013) to our website and will concentrate mainly on properties that are for sale and are designed by us plus any other property/items owned by us or our clients. If the property on offer is designed by dod architects then this will clearly stated on the subject webpage. Our aim is that all dod designs that at some stage become available will be advertised on these pages!

We also will offer some bargain sites for sale. You might be aware of the fact that it is at the moment very difficult to obtain planning permission on rural sites. Not just the site has to be suitable for residential occupancy but also the occupant! That’s why we will offer sites at very reasonable or even absolute bargain prices to find a match with the right potential occupant which should be either somebody from the area or somebody that can prove that the house will become his or her permanent residence. Our interest is of course to provide our services to prepare a design and apply for planning permission on your behalf when you buy any of the offered properties.

Special current offer is Coolownig in the property section, a ready to go project of re-building a house with beautiful view but destroyed by fire.

Furthermore we will offer nice complimentary “Want to have” items that will contribute to your enjoyment of your residence and/or the wider area around your house. In particular furniture, patio / landscaping accessories, cars and boats.

Please come back later when a more full page adds have been added !