for Contemporary Not Ageing Architecture

Kerry Based DOD Architects and Landscape Designers was formed in 1981 by Daniel a Dutch National, who from a very young age grew up between two countries, Ireland and Holland. The architecture produced in this office reflects this mixed origin and is now after 30 years deeply rooted in Cork and Kerry Architecture. Living abroad, Daniel nourished a deep appreciation of Irish country style architecture. Rather than copying old buildings, DOD Architects strives to add to the idiom of Irish architecture a mixture of modern requirements and old style charm.

DOD Architects not only produces traditional style architecture: depending on the client the mixture can differ. But always whether modern or traditional, DOD Architects take great pride in blending the architecture INTO the landscape.

Whether traditional style or modern, all architecture should be internally bright and pleasant with no waste of space. If at all possible, corridors are avoided, in particular the dark and gloomy ones.

DOD Architects always endeavours to capture the lifestyle and personality of the clients in order to reflect same in the proposed architecture. Every dwelling is created individually like special orders in a good quality restaurant. No MacDonalds here. We do not subscribe to the standard type of bungalow which has blighted the Irish landscape to a horrific extent.

For the client who wishes to apply for planning quickly without going through the design process, DOD Architects have a few standard (cottage) designs which can be adapted to specific needs. These designs are offered at reduced fees which make them even more attractive. These standard cottages have been designed to suit most family needs from young families to old families. On ground floor an apartment for 2 with 2 additional bedrooms upstairs, either with shared bathrooms and/or en-suite bathrooms plus optional separate quest toilet. The cottages are the most convincing proof that cottages do not have to be dark and gloomy inside. Even the hallway is a celebration of space, light and charm.

Over the 30+ years in business a very clear understanding has developed about solving particular architectural problems to suit particular needs. The greater the challenge the more exciting and personal the architecture becomes.

Over the past 25 years dod architects has embraced 3D CAD making it one of the most advanced BIM ready company’s in Ireland. BIM can only take off in Ireland if the information can be exchanged between all parties involved..... we are ready and up for the challenge!